Moonstone, suoni e rumori del vecchio e del nuovo millennio: le playlist. Aprile 2014


Moonstone, dodicesima puntata seconda serie, 06/04/2014: la playlist

Joey Arias e Klaus Nomi

The Church – Under the Milky Way

The Alan Parsons Project – The Raven

R.E.M. – Maps and legends

Eva O – One by one

Jesu – Star

Sol Invictus – Old London Weeps

Lycia – Baltica

Ladytron – International Dateline

David Bowie – Glass Spider

David Sylvian – Wave

Klaus Nomi – Valentine’s Day

Dead Can Dance – Advent

Cinema Strange – The toad curse and how it perished in flames

Underground Life – Fuoco nella città di ghiaccio

A flock of seagulls – Wishing

The Cult – Brother Wolf, Sister Moon

Roxy Music – Angel Eyes

Void Generator – Synapsex

Void Generator – Hidden Orbit

Void Generator – Globular Cluster

U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

Daucus Karota – Father of temptation

Clan Of Xymox – Bitter Sweet

Gary Numan – Cars

We Made God – Dròn

We Made God – Gizmo

We Made God – Post

We Made God – Untitled

The Mission – Tower of strenght

White Willow – Joyride

Nine Inch Nails – Head like a hole (slate)

Klaus Nomi – Cold Song

TORSO – Egon Schiele

MorkObOt – Part IV (MortO)

The March Violets – Turn to the sky

Yellow Ostrich – Fog

Zombie Sex – Drugs

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – The Power of love

Moonstone, tredicesima puntata seconda serie, 14/04/2014: la playlist: new Moonstone on Monday!

Siouxsie And The Banshees

Siouxsie And The Banshees – Hong Kong Garden

R.E.M. – Pretty Persuasion

NARR – Male

Fliehende Sturme – Stein

Faust’O – Il lungo addio

Theatre Of Hate – Aria of the Devil

Sol Invictus – Semaphore Seasons

Jimmy Sommerville – Tomorrow

Cure – Lovesong

Ayria – My revenge on the World

Benton Falls – Angel of Hiatus

Date At Midnight – Crucifying my lies

Cruxshadows – Tears

Nina Hagen Band – Der Spinner

The Frozen Autumn – Concavo Convex

Every New Dead Ghost – Not in a lifetime

Invisible limits – Golden dreams

Garçon Fatal – The snake

In Strict Confidence – Seven lives

Alphaville – Sounds like a melody

Indefinite Cure – Survivalism (World on fire)

Plastique Noir – Desire or desease

Primus – American Life

Project Retouch – Ocean home

Bankrupt – Record store renegade

Control + Alt + Deus – Reaktor

Shadow Project – Working on beyond

Simple Minds – New gold dream

Stilllife – Disillusions

Stone Temple Pilots – Vasoline

Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams (are made of this)

Tricky – Overcome

Shellac – Il Porno Star

Throwing Muses – Hate my way

Nouvelle Vague – Marian

The Author – A higher unity (sacrosanct)

Sad Lovers & Giants – Things we never did

The Black Angels – The sniper at the gates of Heaven

Japan – Ghosts

Fraulein Rottenmeier – Morta Maria

TH3CHN0PH0B1A – F.I.A.T. (Finding Improved Alien Technology)

Moonstone, quattordicesima puntata seconda serie, 21/04/2014: la playlist

Robert Smith

The Cure – Underneath the Stars
Leitmotiv – Attendre Encore
Peter Gabriel – Games without frontiers
Levinhurst – Hope
Have A Nice Life – Bloodhail
Lacuna Coil – Purity
Cinema Strange – Greensward Grey

Moltheni – Nella mia bocca
Morrissey – Speedway
Smiths – Real around the fountain
Depeche Mode – Everything counts
Asylum Party – Pure Joy in my Heart
Sisters Of Mercy – Under the gun
Camouflage – The Great Commandment

Cranes – Everywhere
Earth – The bees made honey in the lion’s skull
Echo And The Bunnymen – The cutter
Ideal Standard – Cold
Slint – Breadcrumb trail
Chrystabel Dreams – Julia and the alien
Chrystabel Dreams – Life that never was
Chrisma – C Rock

Ultravox – Vienna
John Foxx – Underpass
Inspiral Carpets – Two Worlds Collide
Katathonia – Day
Strenght Through Joy – The call of Amergin
Date At Midnight – Crucifying my lies
Killing Joke – Requiem
Icehouse – No promises

The The – Uncertain Smile
Throwing Muses – Delicate Cutters
Badmarsh & Shri – Mountain Path
Japan – Nightporter
Therion – Seawinds
Mike Oldfield – The Lake

Moonstone, quindicesima puntata seconda serie, 28/04/2014: the Archie Patterson playlist

I Can nel 1972

Compilation tratta da Supernatural Fairy Tales – The Progressive Rock Era, a cura di Archie Patterson (Rhino Records 1996)

  1. America – The Nice
  2. Paper Sun – Traffic featuring Stevie Winwood
  3. Repent Walpurgis – Procol Harum
  4. Private Sorrow/Balloon Burning – Pretty Things
  5. Legend Of A Mind – Moody Blues

  1. Kings & Queens – Renaissance
  2. Sympathy – Rare Bird
  3. Under The Sky – Pete Sinfield
  4. Searching – Klaus Schulze
  5. Sunrise – Kingdom Come
  1. The System/Babylon – Aphrodite’s Child
  2. Death Walks Behind You – Atomic Rooster
  3. Der Vierte Kuss – Ash Ra Tempel
  4. Killer – Van der Graaf Generator
  5. Oh Yeah – Can
  6. Knife-Edge – Emerson, Lake & Palmer
  7. In The Land Of Grey And Pink – Caravan

  1. It Happened Today – Curved Air
  2. Hocus Pocus – Focus
  3. Prophet/Marvelry Skimmer – Wigwam
  1. Perpetual Change – Yes
  2. Lothlorien – Argent
  3. Ladytron – Roxy Music
  4. Radio – Supersister
  5. Dear Little Mother – Savage Rose
  6. The Musical Box – Genesis

  1. Roll Over Beethoven – Electric Light Orchestra
  2. New World – Strawbs

Moonstone: suoni e rumori del vecchio e del nuovo millennio, ogni lunedì dalle 21 a mezzanotte su

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