Moonstone, suoni e rumori del vecchio e del nuovo millennio: le playlist. Novembre 2013


Moonstone, terza puntata (03/11/2013)

Madness – One step beyond

Lycia – Bare

For Against – Medication

The Sound – Winning

Red Zebra – I Can’t live in a living room

Combichrist – Electrohead

The Cure – Last dance

Pelican – Untitled

Jesu – Wolves

Petrol – Il nostro battito del cuore

Date at midnight – Date at midnight

F:A.R. – Passi uguali

Void Generator – Water all over

Wellen – Moon Stone

Can – Thief

REM – The wrong child

Kyrie – Caffè Viennese

Bauhaus – Nerves

Dead Can Dance – Ulysses

Cinema Strange – The toard curse and how it perished in flames

Cinema Strange – Intermezzo Bright Violet Euphoria

She wants revenge – Tear you apart

Mike Oldfield – In high places

London After Midnight – A letter to God

The Alan Parsons Project – Mammagamma

Cocteau Twins – Alas dies laughing

All Gone Dead – NewSpeak (Room 101)

Bankrupt – Record Store Renegade

Black Tape For a Blue Girl – With a Million Tears

Chameleons – Less than human

Nina Hagen – Der Spinner

Heaven 17 – Let me go

Kirlian Camera – Absentee

Sex Pistols – C’Mon Everybody

Interpol – Obstacle 1

Peter Murphy and Jeordie White – A strange kind of love

Il giardino violetto – Litanie a Satana

The Cure – If only tonight we could sleep

Melotron – Kein problem

The Arid Sea – Closing In

Lettura poetica da:

Leopoldo Maria Panero, Il cervo applaudito, EDB Edizioni, 2013. Traduzione di Ianus Pravo.

Moonstone, quarta puntata (10/11/2013)

Void Generator – The Eternaut

Embryo – Opal

Garbo – Radioclima

Aus Decline – Fluxion

Dead Can Dance – The Trial

Tangerine Dream – Rising runner missed by endless sender

Sol Invictus – Old London weeps

Vanessa Van Basten – Dole

Peter Gabriel – I don’t remember

Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose

Franco Battiato – Da Oriente a Occidente

Pink Floyd – Julia Dream

Sugarcubes – Pump

Patty Pravo – La forma materiale

Bohemien – Eclissi (dell’anima)

Death in Vegas – Head

Morrissey – Speedway

Underground Life – Fuoco nella città di ghiaccio

C.O.D. – Fiore

Steve Hillage – Sea Nature

Andrea Coffami & Vertigo – Gente gessetti

Andrea Coffami & Vertigo – Il paese di Bengodi

Andrea Coffami & Vertigo – Stessa solfa

Andrea Coffami & Vertigo – Paolo il caldo

NS Confusion – Imitation flesh

Jeff Buckley – Forget her

Echo & the bunnymen – The killing moon

Escape with Romeo – The Sleepwalkers

Angelo Branduardi – La favola degli aironi

The Cult – Brother Wolf, Sister Moon

Amon Duul II – All the years ’round

Christabel Dreams – Life that never was

Christian Death – When I was bed

Daucus Karota – The stranger

Eyaculatiòn Post Mortem – Medio muerto

Giuni Russo – Una vipera sarò

March Violets – Religious as Hell

Clan of Xymox – The bitter sweet (VNV remix)

The Smashing Pumpkins –  Tear

Letture poetiche:

Brani rap di Andrea Coffami e Vertigo, tratti dali libri Serio f’aceto (Edizioni Ensemble) e Ne prendo atto (Bel-Amì Edizioni) di imminente uscita.

Moonstone, quinta puntata (17/11/2013)

REM – Feeling gravity’s pull

Can – Paperhouse

Slowdive – Miranda

Here – Apart

Mephisto Walz – Watching from the darkest places

New Order – Ceremony

XTC – Making plans for Nigel

Orbital – Belfast

VZ69 – Ninna Italia

The Pop Group – We are all prostitutes

Void Generator – Synapsex

The Cure – A strange day

XPQ21 – Bela Lugosi’s dead

Joy Division – Disorder

Killing Joke – Love like blood

A flock of seagulls – I ran (So far away)

The Vanishing – Lovesick

Nine Inch Nails – Quake Theme

Mighty Sphincter – Drop Dead

Adolf Plays the Jazz – Nameless

Alien Sex Fiend – Ignore the machine

CCCP – A ja ljublju SSSR

Depeche Mode – In your room

Future Island – Tin man

Joy Disaster – Fade away

Love Spirals Downwards – Psyche

Mama Bèa Tekielski – La maison sur Venus

Shadow Project – Holy Holy

Siouxsie and the banshees – Red Light

Bohemien – Tra specchi

The Cult – Rain

Stidiek – Smoking Love

The Sister of Mercy – Alice

The Smiths – What difference does it make?

Mephisto Walz – Eternal Deep

Black Ice – Rat

Vendemmian – Another Day

Ultravox – Vienna

Vanessa Van Basten – Good Morning

Letture poetiche:

Il frutto, forse; Il tuo cuore in corsa; Il corpo, talvolta; Essere uno, essere due; Mi dici poeta; Poesie londinesi, da Stefano Guglielmin, Le volpi gridano in giardino, CFR 2013.

Moonstone, sesta puntata (24/11/2013)

Van Der Graaf Generator – A plague of lighthouse keepers (estratto)

Duran Duran – Planet Earth (Night Mix)

Telefon Tel Aviv – Fahrenheit far enough

Bjork – Joga

David Bowie – Leon takes us outside

David Bowie – Outside

Liberal Carme – La filastrocca della speme tradita

Corso D’Opera – Tempi duri

Quiet In The Cave – Something about silence

Ten Minutes To Now – Unsafe & Relaxed

Bauhaus – She’s in parties

Giorgio Canali – Nessun presente

Sexbeat – Sexbeat

Bjork – Army of me

Porcupine Tree – Blackest eyes

Henry Rollins Band – Tearing

Nouvelle Vague – Mother’s Little Helper

Gong – I never glid before

Syd Barrett – Octopus

Kraftwerk – Autobahn

The B52′S – Rock Lobster

Mariposa – Teen vaginas can destroy your life

Thin White Rope – Not your fault (live)

Royksopp VS Kings of Convenience – I don’t know what I can save you from (Royksopp Remix)

Velvet Underground & Nico – Sunday Morning

Plaid – Eyen

AFA – Fossili

Damon Albarn & Einar Orn Benediktsson – 101 Reykjavik theme

Aphex Twin – Iz-Us

Anne Clark – Sleeper in Metropolis

Cocteau Twins – The thinner the air

Sinéad O’Connor – Troy

T3CH0F0B1A – F.I.A.T. (Finding Improved Alien Technology)

Tears For The Dying – Memories

The Smiths – There is a light that never goes out

The Synthetic Dream Foundation – Plasma Ring

The Church – Under the milky way

Lettura poetica:

Terza Stazione, dalla silloge in fieri Stazioni della croce di Sonia Caporossi.

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